Kitsbow’s Soft Shell A/M Shorts, a Review

These shorts are absurdly expensive, but you actually do get what you pay for.

Read the full-length review at Competitive Cyclist.

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Backcountry Cocktails

The best way to make use of hydration mix -boozify it!

Backcountry Cocktails on

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Interview With a Badass

For’s Transitions newsletter, I interviewed a good friend of mine, Mike Ewanowski. Mike’s a wildland firefighter, ski patroller, and all-around good guy.

Check out the full interview here.


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Tour of Utah Banners

This was a really fun project for me. My employer is sponsoring the Tour of Utah Lifestyle Expo, and we’re going to be showing off some of our wares, and giving away a Merlin Extralight. The Merlin needed a sign, as did two other bikes we’ll be showing. All creative/design work by Nick Barile, words by me.

ToU_Merlin_Sweepstakes_Sign Bike_Vingette_Bronson Bike_Vingette_Dogma

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Raleigh Midsummer Nights Cyclocross Race

I love cyclocross racing. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, and it’s incredibly spectator-friendly. I went up to the race Raleigh puts on at DealerCamp every year to drink free beer, shoot photos, and have a damn good time. The highlight may have been handing up a beer to the one and only Stevil Kinevil, resplendent in his infamous orange jumpsuit.

I half-assed the photo taking, for the most part –watching the race and drinking free Epic beers was more fun than photo-taking, but there are some favorites below.

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Wasatch Enduro Photos

This is two weekends in a row that I’ve found myself with a nicer-than-average camera in my hands with a bike race to shoot. Raleigh’s MidSummer Nights ‘Cross race on Thursday should follow the same pattern.

The Enduro was much more challenging to shoot than the Crusher, for a variety of reasons. Namely, tight trails and fast racing, combined with a desire to shoot bikes and action, not necessarily people. At the Crusher, I knew I wanted to shoot tight on faces because the suffering was going to be so intense.

I also spent a little (very, very little) time processing these using GIMP. The exception I made to shooting bikes and action, rather than people, was when Brian Lopes flew by.

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Playing With Real Cameras at Crusher in the Tushar

Feels good.

Despite Buzzfeed’s recent assertion that having a photography business on the side is something Mormon Girls Love, I see the attraction of having a “reason” to purchase (and write off) nicer-than-average camera gear. I went down to the Crusher in the Tushar bike race this weekend with the intent of handing out beers at the King of the Mountains line, but the climb was so brutal that no one wanted beer. Except for about five people. Those people are heroes.

Anyway, I borrowed a Canon 60D with a 24-105 lens from my boss in a last-second idea to get some photos of the event, since Competitive Cyclist was sponsoring the KOM. I had a blast shooting. It’s been probably a decade since I used nice cameras, and those were mostly video cameras. It all came back, though, and even though my first ~100 or so shots looked mostly like dogshit, I was pretty happy with a lot of the rest (800 or so). A few favorites below, and big thanks to Austin for making the trip with me.

More or less in chronological order, and with no editing, since I don’t remember how to do any of it.


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